Visualization Sports How To Visualize Winning
Heres a very brief crash course in how  to visualize yourself winning.

1) Get into a quiet place where its ok to close your eyes. Play soft music if you want to.

2) Close your eyes

3) Take 3 slow long deep breaths in and out.

4) Listen for your heartbeat.

5) Imagine a picture entering your mind of something pleasant.  See, feel, or imagine this thing as if you are watching a video  of it.

6) Now replace that image with an imaginary one of you winning. 

7) Enjoy that image.

Wasn't that great?

That little  exercise just "scratches the surface"  when in comes to  training your mental game. What Pete Siegel did and what I do with athletes goes WAY BEYOND  simple  visualization.   Visualization is effective. But our techniques go  beyond just visualization. These  techniques help RESULT IN WINNING!