How To Play Basketball
If you came here looking for information on the training secrets of how to play basketball, this will make your day.  What you will learn here is not going to be about playing ordinary basketball... you will learn about playing extraordinary basketball.

Here is why

Playing  ordinary basketball happens when you only work on your physical game.  Running, jumping, practicing your shots and passing etc

But extraordinary  basketball happens when you ALSO  train that basketball between your ears. You do that by using hypnosis.
You program that brain of yours that loves to think about  basketball  with thoughts of  CONFIDENCE and WINNING.

You do this at bedtime, upon awakening and  before you go to basketball practice or  a game.

So instead of having a mindset of things in your basketball game or with your playing that  are negative, lack luster, or that you  dread or fear, you  feel and think thoughts of STRENGTH so that you set your mind to  being  powerful, strong and aggressive in your basketball practice and playing. You automatically think of yourself as a WINNER, AS A CHAMPION
you think of yourself as  the MAXIMUM YOU!

You see ( and feel) yourself as making the shot, blocking the pass or the shot, you see ( and feel)  the basketball going through the net instead of  bouncing off the rim.

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