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football confidence super mental toughnes for football conditioning program
football sports hypnotherapist chris cady hypnotizing college football players
sports hypnotist chris cady on the football field
Here I am  hypnotizing a college football team. The player who is face down
had told me that hypnosis was fake. I "knocked him out" in 2 seconds using hypnosis.
That's why the other football players are laughing.
Sports Hypnotherapist Chris Cady
Standing on the fields of glory
just after hypnotizing a college football team.
Think you can guess which one?

When I was a kid I used to attend football games here
the tickets were only $2.00 and I would dream that one day
I would play football here.
That dream never came true
but hypnotizing a football team and standing in a stadium is almost as good.

Here is a recent testimonial from a young high school football player
who purchased my hypnosis mp3.

By name is Ben T ( shortened) I  am a Freshman and I started playing Football in the 7th grade. I always wanted to play football but when I started hitting people I would hesitate and get scared a little. I'm a good Cornerback and I want to play "Safety" this year but I got  ( had) to get over the fear of hitting these big  kids first. My goal is to play like a honey badger that's why I bought your self confidence mental game  training for football program.

Now here is the follow up.

The NO B.S. Super Mental Toughness For Football Mp3 Has Been Working Great.
I listened to it every night and started to notice  the fears that I had are less prevalent than before and I am much more confident in myself as a football player.

Your hypnosis mp3 is doing everything that you said it would and more. I'm really confident and fearless out there but one thing I have rally noticed is that I have a much higher pain tolerance than before. It's great!
Ben T ( name hidden) M.A.

NFL Football
Kansas City Chiefs, Cincinnati Bengals, Los Angeles Raiders

Pete Koch
Spent a lot of
time working with
the legendary Sports Hypnotherapist
Peter Siegel (my mentor, teacher, trainer)
on the mental game of

He recently
spoke with me
and we discussed
how his time spent
using hypnosis to
improve his focus, confidence
and mental toughness
significantly improved
his football game.
Pete is now an actor
and a fitness

check out his
site at
football players only
The NO B.S. Super Mental Toughness For
Football Champions
The Zone, Incredible Confidence, Aggressiveness, Intensity, Speed, Laser Focus, Dominance, Power and Drive That Creates Champions and Wins Football Games.
Fear, Anxiety, Distractions, Wimpy Thoughts and Half Assed Effort
The Breakthrough Mental Conditioning Program Used By NFL PLAYERS
To Go From Ordinary To Extraordinary
By Master Hypnotist Chris Cady
Based On The Peter Siegel Method.

What is it that TOP NFL Football Players  know about playing legendary football that you don't?
The answer may surprise you.   Here is the SIMPLE ANSWER, IT IS,  SUPER HUMAN LEVELS OF SELF CONFIDENCE! And that comes from
Training The Mental Game of Football With Hypnosis.
Is The Best Kept Secret of Legendary Pro Football Players.
Now read all about it, but only if you are serious.
Warning Football Players
Don't let your mamma see this. It will scare her.

Only Read This If You Are 110% Ready To Flat Out Generate Maximum Competitive Impact In Football. Because what you are about to discover is the secret that creates the Striking Peak Performance That Annihilates Your Opponents! Once You know these FOOTBALL secrets

You will HIT guys even twice your size with  all the intensity and impact of a freight train.  Knock them on their butt and make them respect you.

And You  Will Have A Giant Competitive Advantage In FOOTBALL.

Finally YOU Can Now Discover The Closely Guarded Secrets That Top Professional Football Players Use To Have An UNFAIR Advantage Over Everyone.
Never the partial you, never the tired you or the half ass you or the wimpy, unproductive you. Always the MAXIMUM YOU, WITH UNSTOPPABLE SELF CONFIDENCE!

If You Are Ready To Take YOUR Football Game To A Whole New Level
And Experience YOUR MAXIMUM POTENTIAL! YOUR Explosive Power,
And Become a Football Player Who Plays With A Strong Mental Game... Maximum Confidence, Drive, Aggression, Speed, Intensity, Dominance, Agility, Accuracy, Control, Reaches New Personal Bests, Plays With Mental and Physical Toughness, Dominates Their Opponents At ALL TIMES!

If you want to Be a Football Player Who Commands Respect. Gets Attention and Ultimately WINS!
I have The Solution That YOU Need.

If you are a football player who has figured out that strengthening your "mental game" is actually as important as strengthening your physical game this will be the most important website that you ever read. Here is why...

If you've got 59 minutes to listen to a Mp3  or CD before you head out to play football, I will show you  the secret of how to
Play football like an  All-Star   TOTALLY DOMINATING YOUR COMPETITION, playing with CONFIDENCE, Sticking them hard, blocking and tackling, running  with amazing speed and power, controlling the ball. scoring touchdowns,   throwing with amazing accuracy and speed, catching perfectly...  and  KICKING ASS AND WINNING, over and over
GUARANTEED! - Or You Get To See it for FREE!

Here is a big  training secret in football.
It does not matter  if you play NFL, college or you are a  high school football player

The secret of how to play LEGENDARY football all lies within training your mind!

You see, its really quite simple, legendary football players  play with an exceptionally strong mental game, a very high level of CONFIDENCE and the ability to turn on "THE ZONE" on command!
I will show you how to use 100% of your mind and body's power and  have the same  level of confidence and focus as top achieving football players, no matter how poorly you are performing right now.

No matter how much you practice your physical game ... no matter how much time that you spend at the gym or how much  money you spend on football equipment and training... no matter how strong you are or what vitamins  that you take...
Success in Football Is
Still  90% Mental!
Because your mind controls your body.

But still, most of the struggling or average  football players spend  100% of their time effort and money working on  physical practice. This is why so many football players get themselves into college or the NFL and then they collapse under pressure, fall into a slump and get traded, benched or released.

They have a decent physical game,  but  they have NO MENTAL GAME!

But if you think $77.00 is to much to pay for a proven  football training  program that
has been proven to  help pro  football players achieve greatness and  that will practically  force you to be the MAXIMUM YOU and play like a champion football player  so that  you can have  a multi-million dollar career playing a sport that you love,
this  is not for you.

Dear football player
Let me ask you a question:
What is it that the following NFL Football and college  players  below know about playing  great football that you don't
( see if you recognize any of these football players)
FOOTBALL    Team  and Position (when working with Football Hypnotherapist Peter Siegel)   
Max Starks    Pittsburgh Steelers    Offensive Lineman
Eric Johnson    New Orleans Saints    Tight End
Bill Bates    Dallas Cowboys    Strong Safety
Jim Jeffcoat    Dallas Cowboys    Defensive Lineman
Kevin Brooks    Dallas Cowboys    Defensive Lineman
Jeff Jaeger    LA Raiders    Field Goal Kicker
Bob Golic    LA Raiders    Nose Tackle
Steve Beuerlein    LA Raiders    Quarterback
Mike Dyal    LA Raiders    Tight End
Pete Koch    Kansas City Chiefs    Defensive Lineman
Jim Byrne    LA Rams    Defensive Lineman
Lyle Alzado    Cleveland Browns/LA Raiders    Defensive Lineman
Troy Aikman    UCLA    Quarterback (went on to NFL: Cowboys)
Matt Stevens    UCLA    Quarterback
(went on to Arena Football)
Lance Zeno    UCLA    Center
(went on to NFL: Cleveland  Browns, Green Bay Packers)
Mark Schmidt    UCLA    Defensive Lineman
(went on to NFL: Rams)
Tim Ryan    USC    Defensive Lineman
(went on to NFL: Bears)
Ryan Knight    USC    Running Back
All of these football players worked  with our company on their  SELF CONFIDENCE AND the MENTAL GAME OF FOOTBALL

“Pete's Methods Have Impressed Me To A Degree Where I now Use Them Personally And I have Applied The With in My Coaching of  All Of My Players.”
-Bob Casullo Special Teams Coach  Formerly with Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets and The Oakland Raiders.

Dear football player

Its really quite simple: If you want to be a football player that consistently shatters football records,
makes your teammates admire and respect you and leaves your competitors in the dust...
Then you need to practice a part of football that most  football players never spend any time on.

What I'm talking about is the MENTAL GAME OF FOOTBALL!

You see, while most football players will spend countless hours  running plays, and drills, hitting, throwing, kicking, working out at the gym, or going to football camps and even taking dangerous drugs. Almost NO ONE will spend  any time  or money on boosting their self confidence,  focus and power by working on their MENTAL GAME TRAINING  ( until they have a problem)

The football players mentioned above sure did. Joe Montana did and so did a whole bunch of players who I cant even mention here. But trust me you know who THEY are!

The reason that most players  don't  (especially bench warmers) is that  mental game training is not shown on television. Its not sold in sporting goods stores, its not fun like playing football, you don't get to  break a sweat or “stick” anyone and most  football players don't  really understand it.

That is  why  most  football players  are average at best and this is why the above average football players don't talk too much about it. This is also why  so many  good football players play well  at the high school and college level and then collapse under pressure  in the NFL and end up on the bench.

Yet all of your time effort and money spent working on mental game training will pay off MASSIVELY!

Just ask any MEGA  successful  pro football player or coach and they will tell you.

Football IS 90% MENTAL
and  ONLY  10% PHYSICAL!

That is why the mental game training  in football is such a well kept secret.

And Once You Learn These Unusual Little Known Secrets  You Will
Have The Magic Ingredient That Results In
   Playing Extraordinary Playing.

Now I know that you if you are currently playing football you might respond with “yeah right” Football is 100% physical!”  But if you  truly think that football is not  really mental that's  exactly why  YOU  need this program. I will prove it to you in minute from now.

Look, you can be a big dummy and you doubt me or  you to can be smart and learn the same incredible results producing techniques that  scores of football players have used to  transform themselves from unknowns to starters, competitive standouts  and  famous  football players.

I don't care how big and strong you are. Any player who uses this program will STICK YOU ON YOUR ASS AND MAKE YOU WANNA CALL FOR YO MAMMA!

These  mental  toughness techniques create amazing breakthroughs almost immediately. They help generate super levels of  confidence, focus, competitive intensity, action power, drive to triumph, measurably increased speed and power.

QUICK and EASY To Learn

If you've got 59 minutes to listen to an mp3 or CD before you head out to your next football practice or game you will know the football secrets that “elite” football players will pay thousands of dollars to learn this year... and that most other football players will even hear about.

I'm going to reveal to you the big  football tips and secrets that pro high achieving football players use that allow them to  play WITH  MAXIMUM  CONFIDENCE, FULL FORCE EFFORT, MAXIMUM POWER, SPEED AND AGGRESSIVENESS AND AGILITY,  SNAP TO WHISTLE!  And do it  down after down,   and achieve greatness in football. Game after game, season after season.  

With these  EASY TO USE TECHNIQUES you will have the tools to propel your football skills into the stratosphere.

Lets face it, staying focused, relaxed, feeling dominant thoughts of confidence,  being TOTALLY aggressive  and playing  football  is hard. Playing while in PAIN. The harsh weather, noise from the crowd, chanting, booing,  other players, opponents, thoughts and fears of making a mistake, or getting hurt, failure, embarrassment, losing, coaches, money worries,  plus stress,  family, work, school, girls in the stands...  negative thoughts about past mistakes, the field conditions... it goes on and on. All this leads to frustration, week hits, poor  throws, missed catches, reduced speed, stupid mistakes and overall poor performance. Yet your ability to  remain FOCUSED and  to be totally CONFIDENT, MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY AGGRESSIVE, MENTALLY TOUGH, DOMINANT and to TRUST YOUR TEAM MATE and YOURSELF  IS CRITICAL if you want to play football like a champion.

Here are a few important football questions

How many times during practice or a game  have you felt or known that there was more within you then you were able to  show on the football field?

Have you ever wondered why the  potential for greatness just stayed within you un-expressed?

Did you ever  wonder how you can tap into your hidden potential so that you could  “BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE” and play as the MAXIMUM YOU during  a practice or competition so that you  hit with maximum power, run with full speed play after play.
The answer has been a secret. Yet its simple, EASY TO USE and you are about to learn it

Mastering the Mental Game of football IS the Best Kept Secret of Pro Football Players.

It is the difference between All-Star / Hall of Fame football Players and  everyone else. This is why top football players pay thousands of dollars to work with  sports hypnotherapists   in order to master these mental game techniques. They know that even though you absolutely have to “hit and be tough” the real leverage in football comes from mastering the mental game not just the physical game.

The mental game is critical because

1) Your mind controls your body.
2) When two players  with similar physical skills compete against each other it is the one with the stronger mental game that will prevail.

Look I know that you might have a tough  time fully grasping this because they never discuss it on sports talk shows or in Sports Illustrated Magazine so let me give you a few real world examples.

Have you ever seen (perhaps in high school football) where a small football player  with a big attitude  lines up against a  big burly football player and  THEN THE small football player sticks the big guy  so hard that  the big football player  landed on his ass and wondered what just happened?

I have!

Did the little guy have more  physical strength in his body?
No!  He had it in his mind. He had it in his  heart. He had it in his soul!
He had a stronger mental game and the DOMINANT, CONFIDENT, AGGRESSIVE THOUGHTS that were in  his mind sent explosive power into his body.

Have you ever heard a news report of  an old lady who  saw her grand child pinned under a car and somehow managed to  lift the car off the child?

Every wonder how she  suddenly displayed such MASSIVE STRENGTH?
It came from her MIND!

Get it? 
Here is the cost of NOT TRAINING  your mind and NOT HAVING A STRONG MENTAL GAME.

Just ask any  good, big, strong, fast,  American football player  did well in high school or college and then  got passed over by the NFL and could only play in the Canadian Football League  or ask any NFL  player who spent his career warming a bench getting splinters in his butt or who  kept getting traded....

They will all admit, “I wish I'd had a stronger mental game.”
They will all talk about  how  they had trouble staying CONFIDENT AND mentally tough,  focusing and that things  distracted them  or that they didn't deserve to be there or that  even though they  felt that they should be a starter they  just could not  play  with  MAXIMUM IMPACT  because their mind would get  caught up on  something  and that negative, wimpy, unsupportive thoughts would  creep into their head and cause them to make stupid mistakes, hit soft, fumble, lose control and how they would get frustrated  or intimidated or  get into a  slump that they could not  get out of, no matter what they did.

That's why
No matter how much you practice your physical game ... no matter how much time that you spend at the gym or how much  money you spend on football equipment and training... no matter how strong you are or what vitamins  that you take...
Success in Football Is
Still  90% Mental!
Because your mind controls your body.

But still, most of the  struggling or average  football players spend  100% of their time effort and money  working on  physical practice. This is why  guys  get themselves into college or  the NFL and  then they collapse under pressure, fall into a slump and get traded, benched or released.

They have a decent physical game,  but  they have NO mental game.

Remember, your mind controls your body.

That's why “The No B.S. Super Mental Toughness For Football Champions CD” is the piece of  football equipment that you MUST HAVE  if you want the competitive edge in football.

Now before I tell you about how you can significantly improve your mental game

I want to share with you this
Most football coaches especially, “old school' coaches will just tell you that you don't  need to do any sort of “mental game," mental head trip stuff”  All you gotta do is love to hit and be tough!”

But this is easier said then done. The reason that it is so easy for them to say  this is that most  football coaches live and breathe  football 25 hours a day. They are like  walking talking MAD DOGS OR   AGGRESSIVE PIT BULLS!

Its easy for them to tell you “Just Hit and Be Tough” because they  don't take the hits anymore. They stand on the sidelines with a clipboard and a whistle and SCREAM. Also due to their advanced level of experience and years in the game, coaches  have already  developed the type of  hard nosed  thinking and internal drive that YOU still need help with  and chances are that you are still at the age where your internal thoughts and identity as a football player are still developing  in the same way that your body is.

Oh plus,

But you do!

How to Instantly feed “Pro Level” Thinking,  Confidence, Explosive Power, Dominance, Speed Agility,  Accuracy And Mega Performance Impact Into Your Football Game”
Quick Start System
This Quick Start System Gives You  Everything That You Need To Work On Your Mental Game and To Bring Out The Very Best In Yourself and Play Winning Football!


This amazing audio program is made specifically for football players and it is available to you on CD or Mp3  it is EASY TO USE. It is unlike anything  that you have ever tried.

Just listen at bedtime with or without headphones on. You will hear the gentle sounds of soft relaxing guitar and piano music playing in the background. 

Very quickly you will drift  off into a wonderful dream like state of mind known as hypnosis. Eventually you will fall into a wonderful  night time sleep. Meanwhile, I will be speaking  to you in a soft, soothing, relaxing voice. During this process I will  guide you through a wonderful relaxation process called hypnosis where your subconscious  mind  opens up  and records and accepts  positive instructions,  ideas and feelings about yourself  as a football player which are all in your best interest (no matter what position you play)     This  positive voice and instructions for being a more CONFIDENT, FOCUSED, AGGRESSIVE football PLAYER  who plays AGGRESSIVELY SNAP TO WHISTLE, HITS HARD, RUNS FAST, IS AGILE, TACKLES, BLOCKS, STICKS GUYS,  CONTROLS THE BALL, SCORES TOUCHDOWNS  (and throws accurately if you are a quarterback.) and then relaxes in between plays. This  will also eliminate the  self sabotaging  limited thinking and emotional garbage  that holds you back

This SUPER MENTAL TOUGHNESS FOR FOOTBALL CD / mp3 brings out only positive thoughts and feelings that literally force you from within to  be the MAXIMUM YOU and PLAY Football AT YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST AND BE All  YOU CAN BE AS THE MAXIMUM YOU  EVERY TIME!

After 1 hour, this powerful program  will  end and you will continue sleeping until it is your normal wake up time feeling absolutely FANTASTIC!
( There is no danger and you can NOT GET STUCK in hypnosis.)

Most football players  will notice a significant  improvement in their game immediately and some will need more time  however I suggest  that you listen every day for 30 days and then the night before  practice or a game or even before a game or work out.
You can also play this mp3 or CD when you first wake up in the morning and make it “THE MENTAL BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS!”

Either way  This powerful  football program will give you more confidence, laser like focus, drive, aggression, speed and more power then you've ever   imagined.

As a result you will experience MAJOR BREAKTHROUGHS IN YOUR PLAYING!

Here’s what this amazing Football MP3 / CD PROGRAM  will do for you starting the very next time that you play football.

From the moment that you arrive on their field.

Using a secret “trigger word” You will instantly be able to "get into the zone" and stay there!


You will play football  with 1000% FULL FORCE IMPACT
You will dominate your opponents!

You will always maintain  your concentration!

You’ll automatically have total focus on the FOOTBALL practice or game

You will always remain calm and CONFIDENT, AGGRESSIVE AND STRONG under pressure!
You will hit, drive and tackle with maximum force, impact, confidence and power!
You’ll eliminate negative thoughts, fears and all self limiting beliefs and mental garbage that has been holding you back.

When you are in BETWEEN PLAYS  you will be completely relaxed, feeling only dominant  thoughts and you will block out all distracting  sites, thoughts, feelings,  sounds of chanting,  and booing and all other distractions.

You will feel total confidence flowing through your body.

You will  be totally confident in all of your  decisions and you will see yourself as the dominant player.

If you are the quarterback  you will picture, visualize and feel  exactly where the ball will go and You will trust your decisions and actions and your teammates and you will  throw and move with amazing  power and accuracy.

When you hit or tackle guys you will  do so with maximum confidence and power!

If you handle the ball in any way, you will have total control over the ball and total trust in your ability.

Your running speed will increase and you will make  great decisions.

No matter what  position you play you will remain alert, aggressive, confident  in your  ability.

You will always play your position as the MAXIMUM YOU!

You will immediately mentally let go of any  mistakes and  your mind will stay positive

You will have an automatic trust in yourself and your abilities!



YOU WILL ALWAYS PLAY FOOTBALL AS THE MAXIMUM YOU!  Never the partial you, never the wimpy unproductive you. Always the MAXIMUM YOU!

These hypnotic suggestions will train your mind to automatically cause you to  play football   at your best each and every time.

Your mental game will significantly improve and as a result you will  take your  physical game to the next level almost overnight.

Why Should Trust This Football Training Program?

What You Are About To Discover Is
The Best Kept Secrets to Football Success
From the Man  Whos  Extraordinary  Training Breakthrough Helped Top Football Players Achieve An Unfair Advantage In Football For 30 Years.

“The No B.S. Super Mental Toughness For Football Champions Program”was  created by a professional Peak Performance Coach!
This incredible  program has transformed the  game of hundreds of  NFL, college, even high school football players of all ages and  skill levels. And it will work for you too, guaranteed.  It was created and recorded by Chris Cady who is a Peak performance Hypnotherapist  in Reno Nevada.  The material on the CD is based on the teachings  and training of his sports hypnosis mentor Peter Siegel who  for 30 years worked with all of the pro and college football players mentioned earlier in this letter. Plus he worked with top achieving athletes in every sport Unfortunately Peter passed away. But before his death,  Peter  worked "on on one" with Chris and  taught all of these incredible results producing  techniques to Chris Cady so that he cold continue on this amazing work. And Chris is now continuing  Peters work with this highly effective program. 
Why not do yourself a big favor and get your copy of the

“The No B.S. Super Mental Toughness For Football Champions Mp3 or CD”

FREE $250.00 BONUS
Buy this Cd or mp3   before the special ends and you will get a FREE BONUS Gift worth $250.00. I know that as soon as you start seeing results in your football playing you will want more personal attention and even greater improvement. My normal fee for private consultation starts at $500.00 per session As a FREE BONUS you will receive a 30 minute consultation with me  by telephone.

Make This Your Breakthrough Year.

“The No B.S. Super Mental Toughness For Football Champions CD”is the piece of football equipment that you need to get you to the next level as a football player.  All successful standout football players know that having a ton of self confidence, better focus and an all around  better mental football game  plays a huge role in the outcome of a game while average and unknown players  just keep working on their physical game. That is why Its the mental toughness that will separate you from the crowd.

Considering how much  that you love playing football and how much money that you  spend for football in time, money, blood sweat and tears, the cost of this CD  could be a smart investment in reducing the last three.  If you want to achieve your true football potential  and consistently  play ball at a level that you have only dreamed about. Order this amazing football program now.

You Can Try It Out RISK FREE!

“The No B.S. Super Mental Toughness For Football Champions CD”  comes with an unlimited, unconditional any time ever money back guarantee. It is the best mental game football training program that you will ever use.  No matter where you are in your game.  We promise that you will significantly improve within the first week.  You can measure  your improvement  anyway that you want to. If you feel that  you are not  more focused, more confident, driven, powerful, aggressive, fast, agile and overall better  then ever. If you aren't hitting guys so hard that your coach doesn't tell you to stop hurting people... If you don't get complimented on your improvement...OR if you just feel that this CD is a bunch of bull, simply return it ANY TIME EVER and we will refund 100% of your money the same day. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! There are no hassles or weasel clauses.  All  we ask is that you  buy it with good faith and good intent
There a million books and videos on how to play football, yet there has been very little quality information written about coaching and training the mental side of baseball.  What is funny is that this is the 90%  of the game.

The secret of how to play LEGENDARY football all lies within training your mind. 

So if you are interested in doing this I have the solution that you need.

This football mental game training worked for all of the players mentioned above and more.
Do you think hypnosis might help your football training too?

Why not do yourself a big favor and get your copy of the
“The No B.S. Super Mental Toughness For Football Champions Program”

One final thought:   One year  from now you will be looking back on this day as one of the most important  Football decisions that you have ever made.

Because you have absolutely noting to lose why not   do yourself a big favor and order  it RIGHT NOW!  I will ship it immediately.

“The No B.S. Super Mental Toughness For Football Champions Program”  By Master Hypnotist Chris Cady
is the world's most powerful training program for helping any football player take their current level of skill as a football player to an incredibly high level of play so that you are playing AS THE MAXIMUM YOU  with INCREDIBLE LEVELS OF CONFIDENCE, POWER, FOCUS, SPEED, INTENSITY IN FOOTBALL   Almost Overnight.

This program literally conditions the mental mind  set which  compels athletic dominance. Your subconscious mind becomes deeply programmed with ideals that align your thinking and behavior in sports and competition
your attitude emotional state outlook expectations  are all coordinated and merged to form a feverish will to triumph you will have feelings of extreme power drive mega positive expectation invincible confidence and the  conviction to  be victorious are all aligned and subconsciously directed to fuel your competitive effort.

Using this recording takes you way beyond merely feeling ready before games and competitions it fosters a sense of absolute preparedness precision laser focus and the drive  to take charge generate the full force of your ability and to prevail.

This is the Quick Start  FOOTBALL System THAT Gives You  Everything That You Need To Work On Your Mental Game and Your SELF CONFIDENCE and  Mental Toughness  To Bring Out The Very Best In Yourself and Play Winning Football!