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    (Designed For Use By Players And Competitors In Every Sport)

    This Incredible Sports Mental Training System Will Help You Demonstrate
    The Skill And Ability You Truly Possess...So You Decidedly Play At Your Peak!

    Athletes In Every Sport Are Now Exceeding Their Personal
    Bests Through Using This Program; You Will Too!

    How many times during practice or game situations have you felt - and known - there was more within you, perhaps a lot more within you than you were actually demonstrating?  Or a greater capacity for increased physical efficiency?  Or a greater capacity for consistent success impact?  Or a greater capacity for control, concentration, and performance mastery?
    No doubt, probably more, perhaps many more times than you'd like!
    Why does this ability just "stay" within you?  And, "how can you tap into it, so all of what you possess as a player can be expressed...especially during competition?"
    From over 23 years as a peak performance hypnotherapist working with pro players in every sport, I can tell you that the answer is simple and profound.  Training your mind to complement and activate the skills you've developed over the years is the answer.
    Hey...I've proven this fact time and again with players who go on to achieve All Pro, All Star, and MVP levels (check out my client listing below, and you'll see the volume of players I've worked with).
    That's why I'm excited to bring you my newest sports mental training program "Sports Peak Performance Mega-Success Programming©".  This program provides you detailed processes and strategies enabling you to develop the peak performance attitudes, self image, subconscious ideas, and instinctive excellence tendencies moving you to express your best...All The Time!
    Yes, I said All The Time!  And in the program, I've even provided you chapters on how to mentally prime yourself for peak performance, and commanding excellence before practice, and before games.
    The program also includes an incredible, powerful audio recording entitled "Command Confidence For Athletic Peak Performance©".  Program 1 is a verbal version containing a triple inductive narrative.  This is a specialized, advanced method designed to ensure your confidence and performance impact capacity becomes fully expressed during games.
    Program 2 is a subliminal version of Program 1, designed for you to use on your way to practice and games (full instructions for both Program 1 and Program 2 are included in the book).
    I've left no stone unturned, and I've taken all the guesswork out of it for you.  Just read and apply the book's easy to understand chapters, and play the audio tape as per instructions.  And I guarantee you'll convert the potential you know you have into demonstrable performance after game!

"Sports Peak Performance Mega-Success Programming©" Book/CD - $74.95 (plus $8.95 p&h)

    Go ahead, and order your program today.  And you'll then start playing at the level you really know you're capable of!
Note from Chris Cady:
    Nationally prominent self help author, seminar leader, and personal change specialist, Peter C. Siegel was America's foremost sports and peak performance hypnotherapist. Unfortunately Peter has passed away but his work and his spirit live on.
You can review his acclaimed self help - personal success development - mega-confidence building programs at, or you can call  775-425-5847 to order programs or speak with his protegee, sports hypnotherapist Chris Cady
    The unique, results guaranteed assurance Siegel attaches to each of his programs…continues to stand the test of time!
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