Bodybuilding Workout Secrets
    To Train Regularly, You Must First Train Your Mind

                    By:  Peter C. Siegel, R.H.
©2001 Peter C. Siegel, R.H.                    Executive Director/PowerMind©
    Even the best of intentions must be coupled with regular, purposeful effort if you're to achieve the muscularity and fitness goals you've set.

    Yes, starting your workouts enthusiastically - with a strong level of drive and determination - is part of the overall muscle development success formula.  But remaining consistent in your workouts, right on through to the full accomplishment of your goal, is the key to personal triumph.  There is no other way to produce a masterful physical transformation; you must work out regularly, and sustain indomitable levels of discipline and conviction.

    I'll tell you right here that the preceding is as much a mental concern as it is physical.  We all start off bright eyed and positive about the workout regimen we intend to engage (i.e., building arms, chest, legs, etc., and an overall buffed physique).  But only those who can purposefully - with a driving determination - see the process through will glean the muscular size and shape they're after.

    Developing this purposeful, driving determination so it becomes an automatic, second nature tendency is the key to working out consistently (without having to force yourself, or fight an internal battle regarding going to the gym).
    Training and programming your subconscious mind is the most effective way to develop this purposeful, driving workout tendency.  And when you think about it, if you truly want what you say you do (i.e., a strong, muscular, chiseled physique), then technically you should just naturally do those things, on a continuum, which will ultimately produce your desired result.

    But because working out regularly demands so much of your mental and physical energy, many times it seems like a chore to exert and push yourself consistently.

    You can make the transition into indomitable consistency so, day after day, the energy, focus, and passion which drives you to succeed remains predominant and compelling within you.

    So I'll now give you a solid, results producing strategy enabling you to cultivate the affinity to work out consistently with an eagerness, conviction, and predisposition toward high energy training effort.  Read completely through this process first, then go ahead and apply it exactly as outlined:

1.)    Lying comfortably on your back, in an area where you won't be disturbed, take 3 l-o-n-g, d-e-e-p breaths, inhaling through your nostrils, and easily exhaling through your mouth.

        And with each exhalation, mentally repeat the word "Release" to yourself.  And each time you do, just allow yourself to more completely relax, turn loose, and glide effortlessly deeper into soothing, easy comfort.
2.)    After you've completed your third release breath, then, clearly project a graphic image of the body you expect your training will produce for you.  The powerful, muscle studded, standout physique your gym efforts are geared toward producing.

3.)    Clearly envision the shape, size and proportion of your idealized physique.  And envision this from the front, and the rear.  (And as you do, feel a compelling sense of pride, confidence and self esteem because you've paid your dues in the gym to create this!)

4.)    Next, after 2-3 minutes of this Muscular Success You visualization, shift your inner scenario to you performing one set of each exercise you intend to engage in your very next workout.  And see, sense, and f-e-e-l yourself working with invincible drive, dedicated passion, and the iron willed purpose to produce decisive results of growth, strength and shape.

        Feel your muscles exerting, your body working, and your mind pushing you - each set - to decisively triumph!

5.)    Next, again envision the Muscular Success You standing in front of a full length mirror, and clearly notice, in specific detail, the solid, cut, muscular power you possess.  And holding this Muscular Success You vision vividly in your mind, say to yourself (and mean it):

        "This is the result my workout efforts produce.  I know I possess the power, discipline, and commitment to work purposefully to possess this body.  And I know each of my dedicated workouts moves me one step closer toward physically experiencing what I now clearly see in my mind.

        "Working out is an important part of my life--and I make the time to train each day.  Regardless of anything else that may happen during my day, I get to my gym, and appropriately push myself toward increased muscular success.

        "I now work out consistently to achieve my goal; working out is my way of saying to myself I intend to, and commit to achieving my goal—and I now continually honor and respect myself by being the man who regularly drives, pushes, and commands himself to muscular increase, and physical advance!"

6.)    Still clearly envisioning the Muscular Success You, savor the feeling of complete determination and enthusiasm you feel after having mentally repeated this affirmation.

7.)    Then, slowly count from 1 up to 3, let your eyelids open, inhale deeply...and stretch.

    The entire process should take 10-12 total minutes.  And I encourage you to perform this strategy in your home (in the evenings) each night until you find you're naturally engaging your workouts on a consistent basis.

    Most find peak results in about 2 weeks of performing this process continually.  Each time you go through it, it will become easier for you to perform, and decidedly more result producing.

    Remember to hang a Do Not Disturb sign on your door, and take your phone off the hook before you begin.  And as you continue with this process, you'll come to directly understand the euphemism "mind over matter," or more accurately "mind recreating, and restructuring matter" into the context you truly want!

    So essential is this subconscious motivation factor to working out regularly, I developed the Stayin' On Track© program so you can comprehensively train and program your subconscious with the specific, committed to succeed workout ideals that naturally move you to sustain regular, high energy workout efforts...right on through to the striking achievement of your goal.

    So many have related to me their "I start off positive and determined, but I steadily drop off, and don't remotely come close to realizing my initially intended result" stories.  Well now, the results guaranteed Stayin' On Track© program will help you forever overcome these tendencies to fall short of your mark, or fizzle out.
    This unique, mega-motivation system provides you a 32 page information packed book, and subconscious workout success programming audio.

    The book details the 12 Ways To Stay Motivated In Your Workouts (in an easy to apply in your workouts and personal life format), and provides full instructions for using the audio program.
    The audio is available in CD format contains a verbal Side A and subliminal Side B.
    Side A is used each night in your home to directly program the affinity to work out regularly, and generate a high energy, super productive effort each time you train.  Side B is used either in your car on the way to your gym, or in headphones during your actual workout to reinforce you remain high energy, committed, and driven to succeed in your workouts.

    I designed Stayin' On Track© to be used as a motivational catalyst for all types of workouts (from bodybuilding right on through to cardio training regimens).  All the work on how to get - and stay - invincibly motivated has been done for you.  And through applying the program as outlined, you will decisively succeed!
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