Golf Lessons
Here are some Golf Lessons on the Mental Game of Golf

The Mental Breakfast Of Golfing Champions
This article will be designed to help the player structure the success images, ideas, and attitudes (at the outset of their day), which naturally lead to their increased performance, total playing confidence, and smooth execution efficiency.

   Converting Your Yips Into Yeps!
This article will teach the player the decisive putting zone mental lock-in process, which enables them to approach and execute their putts thoroughly inwardly calm, inwardly composed, and effortlessly fluid in their thoughts and actions.

Speak To Yourself Boldly,
And Swing A Big “Stick”!

By Peter C. Siegel, R.H.
© Copyright 2004 Peter C. Siegel, R.H.
All Rights Reserved

Golf Lessons on the Mental Game of Golf
Scenario #1
You’re driving along the freeway smoothly and comfortably.  You’re in the left hand faster moving lane, and you see you’re coming up on a slower moving vehicle who’s impeding your flow.  “C-Mon; what is this” – you exhort.  “What the hell is he doing in this lane!”  And with that, you firmly decide “Ok -- time to pass him.”  And, checking carefully the oncoming traffic to your right, you flip your turn signal, eagerly give it the “gas”, pass by the slow poke, and return back into your lane - where you’re again gliding along smoothly.
Golf Lesson Scenario #2
    You see the two lane road you’re on is only relatively congested.  You’re driving along loosely and comfortably at the posted speed limit.  In your rear view mirror you notice there’s a guy just randomly moving from lane to lane – seemingly for the sole purpose of picking up car lengths.  Why?  You reason because it’s more convenient than driving appropriately like all the other cars you see.
    You notice he’s almost cutting off some of those he’s seemingly indifferently winding around.  And as you see him coming up toward you, you decide “Ya’ know what - no; he’s not cutting me off -- convenience or not!”
    You’re approaching a red light about 150 yards up the street and you see he’s almost bumper to bumper with the car just ahead of you in the right hand lane; he’s trying to position himself so he can next conveniently bolt in front of you.  So - feeling in control and decisive - you move ahead to parallel with the car a bit ahead of you, come to comfortably coast to stop at the light, and then proceed through the intersection, to easily turn left into the mini mall parking lot where you had planned to have your lunch.

Golf Lesson Scenario #3
    You’re a bit behind schedule driving to an appointment.  You reason you’re not “that” far behind, but don’t want to fall any further behind.  You’re approaching a big intersection you’re familiar with, and you know it’s a long wait red light.
    The light is green, and as you begin approaching the point of no return (where you can’t stop and must proceed through), the light turns yellow.  “Uhhh…Man – Nah - I’m goin’ for it; I’ll make it though safely and efficiently.”  And with resolve and confidence, you go on to prove your calculation right by moving through the intersection while the light is still yellow.
    Are scenarios 1-3 examples of driving with reckless abandon – disregarding the safety of yourself and others?  No.  They’re examples of driving with attitude: you decide the result you want.  You decide what you’ll do to produce it.  You become fueled by the conviction to do it.  And then you firmly, decisively act.  Driving with attitude!
Golf Lesson Driving On The Golf Course
    It’s interesting that this same driving with attitude concept applies when you play golf.  To hit long, straight, solid drives (the kind you know you really can, and feel you should), you must have a certain pre-execution attitude.  And it’s not a “Uh, let’s see what we can do here”, “I hope I don’t slice, chunk or shank”, “Let me ‘try’ to control my body, control my swing, control the ball’s distance and direction” situation.  No.
    It’s a driving with attitude situation.  What is this attitude comprised of?  Just like the car driving scenarios 1-3, golf driving with attitude is comprised of the very same tenets; you decide the result you want.  You decide what you’ll do to produce it.  You become fueled by the conviction to do it.  And then you firmly, decisively act.  Driving with attitude!
    No “Let’s see”.  No “Well, I’ll ‘try’ to crank one”.  No “I don’t want to mess up, and wind up in the rough (or the trees)”.  It’s a matter of directing your mentality with attitude: “There’s my outcome point upon the fairway.  And now I’m gonna smoothly generate a totally committed, fluid power stroke which fully drives my ball to that point.  Yeah -- I’m goin’ for it; I’ve successfully done this so many times before.  And I’m gonna do it as successfully right now…Too!”
    Then, with this attitude freely flowing through and exclusive in your mind, take 1-2 practice strokes, set up to your ball, briefly laser in again upon your outcome point down the fairway.  And then - wholly focusing upon the ball - begin your back swing, downswing, contact, and follow-through!
    That’s how you drive with attitude.  No “mamby-pamby” trying “not” to fail, overprotective calculating.  But a solid and targeted sense of:
What you want
What you’ll do to get it
Reinforcing a success impact idea through your mind which stimulates sensations of conviction, confidence, and determination to unfold through you
Then, purposefully acting — singularly fueled by this success impact idea, and its accompanying emotional energy.
What Are Your Options?
    Well, you could “choose” to drive with tentativeness.  Un-sureness.  A mental split between part of you wanting to go for it, and another part wanting even more not to flub or fail.  Or, the ever popular “Well -- I’ll just give it a whack, and ‘see what happens here’.”  (Uh…why would you ever “choose” this — or tolerate it?!)
    Don’t just say to yourself “Hmmm – let’s just ‘see’ what happens.”  Determine, clearly and decisively, what will happen -- and consummately mean it!  Say it in your mind, feel it in your heart, and let its accompanying energy fuel your stroke.  From now on, before you execute each drive, do not let yourself drive filled with “low-grade” mental octane.  No, from now on, my friend, drive filled with super grade…Attitude!”

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