golf innergame positive expectation
(Do You Expect To Play Well When You Golf?
If Not, Why Not!)

By Peter C. Siegel, R.H.
Executive Director/PowerMind ©
© Copyright 2004 Peter C. Siegel, golf hypnotherapist  R.H. – All Rights Reserved

This article is about the inner game of golf and a positive expectation.

Before we engage something, we all tend to project some sense of how things might, or could turn out — an image, estimate, or feeling of what the returns might be.

But why do we put the  spin upon our projection of outcome that we do?  Why do we position and presume the potential the way we do?

This is exactly what expectation is -- an interpretive spin of potential results and/or outcome.  In face, expectations become our creative precursors; a profound law of golf, and of life, is “What is expected, tends to be realized.”
Take a moment here and think about what you expect as a golfer.  For example:

What do you usually expect as you set up to your tee shot at the first?
Or, the 8 iron from 100 yards out?
Or, the fringe chip shot you must now play that’s 22 feet out from the pin?
Or, the 6 footer for par you really feel you “should” make?
I, of course, can go on and list 50 more golf related facets.  The point is that, in a majority of cases, you’ll find your expectation going into a situation many times then translates into experiential fact of life.

Your Expectation Style When you golf.

So, what do you usually tend to expect with the shots and situations you find frequently comprising your round?

Do you expect the best - or the worst?  Do you expect success - or problems and/or difficulties?  Do you expect proficiency - or choppy, “I ‘hope’ I can get it going” tentativeness?  Do you expect a lot of, and from, yourself (expecting the full degree of ability you know you possess will be reflected in your play) - or do you hardly expect anything at all?

“Uh, well -- sometimes I expect good outcomes, and sometimes I expect I’m gonna run into problems, and find things difficult.  I mean, I’m just being practical here; this is the way every ‘normal’ player thinks – uh, right?”
No.  This is called habitual thinking.  If your expectations are not strictly positive, success suggestive, and confidence based, they’re literally keeping you from being all of the player you actually can be!

They’re your expectations, and therefore, your choice and responsibility.  And just because you expect something (in a lesser, or negative sense) doesn’t mean it’s accurate, or details infallible truth; it just means that’s the way you’ve conditioned yourself to perceive possibilities.

New Expectations Which Empower Your GOLF Game

Have you ever made a shot that was beyond - way beyond - your “normal” outcome range?  Of course you have; you’ve likely done this with your drives, your approach shots, and with your putts…numerous times.
Was it luck?  The “golf gods” smiling upon you?  A once in a million thing that just “somehow” happened?  Or, was it decided ability unfolding and expressing through you, that you didn’t even know you possessed?

I’ll tell you right now, it was the latter -- it always is!  And what would happen if you began to expect through this part of you?  What would happen if your expectations were of proficiency and success, for each shot you play when you golf?  Hmmm…interesting, huh!

Go ahead and employ the following, and, as such, enjoy your new mind affecting matter awareness.
Before you set up to each shot:

A.) Know where you’re going with it (the type of shot you’ll play, the club you’ll use, and what your outcome point is upon either the fairway or green).

B.) Imagine yourself smoothly, efficiently generating the precise swing motion, ball contact and follow through that moves the golf ball masterfully to your outcome point.

C.) Imagine the shot carrying to your outcome point, and it clearly representing exactly what you want.

D.) Richly sense the ability within you to make what you just imagined, your physical fact of life.
Then set up to your ball, and execute.  You can continue to expect as you always have, or you can start now giving yourself the presumptive framework from which striking success can now begin to unfold.
I mean, what do you expect will happen if you expect less than what you’re truly capable of?
Expect this new way now (the entire A.-D. golf pre-shot routine should take you 5-7 seconds).  And you’ll quickly find your golfing performance, and results, will start conforming to your new, expecting the best tendency.
Remember: expectations are your choice, and your responsibility.  Go ahead and make them pay you a decided, outcome impacting profit…starting now!

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