sports-psychology-head coaches
world acclaimed personal development and peak performance expert
whose proven methods will help you experience unparalleled confidence, success, and personal
growth in your life.
He is the country's foremost sports and peak performance hypnotherapist, and for 28
years, has personally worked with world-class and professional athletes (NFL, NHL, MLS,
NBA, MLB, PGA, LPGA, Olympics),

A prolific self-development, life transformational author, he's had over 250 articles
published in 50 different magazines. He's written and produced 25 self help book/CD programs
which provide people with incredible
positive change/success strategies, enabling them to decisively break through past limitations,
and live rich, successful lives – completely free of inhibition and fear.
has worked with athletes (and teams) that include players on the N.Y. Mets,
L.A. Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, Anaheim Angels, Detroit Tigers, Florida Marlins Texas Rangers,
Dallas Cowboys, L.A. Raiders, K.C. Chiefs, L.A. Clippers, Cleveland Cavaliers, Charlotte
Hornets, L.A. Kings, N.Y. Rangers, N.J. Devils, Edmonton Oilers, Washington Capitals,
Philadelphia Flyers, Anaheim Mighty Ducks and the L.A. Galaxy professional sports teams.
(Click here to review his extensive pro athlete client list.)
He and his work have been featured in the L.A. Times, Newsday, Sacramento Bee, Flex,
Muscle & Fitness, Physical, Men's Fitness, Sport, Runner's World, Fitness Runner, Shape, Best
Body, Glamour, Self, Family Circle, Canadian Living, Women's Fitness International, Fitness,
Sports Illustrated, Outside Magazine, Playboy, The Daily News, Men's Health, Great Life,
Fitness RX, Let's Live, Great Life, Baseball Weekly, IronMan, Tennis, Max Muscle Sports &
Fitness, Exercise For Men, Los Angeles Magazine, Oxygen, Surfer, Spin Magazine, Golf
Magazine, Golf Tips, Golf Today, Golf Illustrated, Golf Digest, Florida Golf Magazine, Golfer's
Guide, Southland Golf Magazine, Personal Excellence, Going Bonkers Magazine,
The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today.

Note from Chris Cady:
    Nationally prominent self help author, seminar leader, and personal change specialist, Peter C. Siegel was America's foremost sports and peak performance hypnotherapist. Unfortunately Peter has passed away but his work and his spirit live on.
You can review his acclaimed self help - personal success development - mega-confidence building programs at, or you can call  775-425-5847 to order programs or speak with his protege, sports hypnotherapist Chris Cady
    The unique, results guaranteed assurance Siegel attaches to each of his programs…continues to stand the test of time!