how to win champions mindset competitive advantage

How To Win Champions Mindset Competitive Advantage

Lets face it

Its does not matter what sport you play. Baseball, Football, Bowling, Hockey, Basketball, Golf, Trap shooting, Soccer, Basketball, Track, Tennis.  The burning desire to WIN is such a large part of a competitive athlete that he or she will do anything from religion to drugs in the quest to get a competitive  advantage over the competition.

The biggest factor that gives an athlete an advantage outside of hard work is the MINDSET of the athlete.
It is  that WINNING MINDSET that  gives an athlete the competitive advantage that sometimes results in them winning by a fraction of a second or digging deep and performing at their FULL potential in a "clutch."

So how does an athlete get the mindset that results in playing as the "BIG YOU" and never the "little you"

The athlete must work on his or her "mental game" by using sports hypnosis. 

Using hypnosis goes way beyond  visualization and positive thinking and affirmations.  By using hypnosis you literally  program your subconscious mind for success in your sport. To EXPECT positive outcomes and for your body to  be calm and relaxed under pressure so that you don't get in your own way by "over thinking" or by thinking negative thoughts that undermine all of the hard work that you put in. This subconscious program must  run AUTOMATICALLY in every part of your  mind heart and soul so that it  works as a driving force.  When an athlete  realizes this and ACTUALLY devotes time every day to it  then they see results in their performance. They key words here being "ACTUALLY DEVOTES TIME EVERY DAY"  when an athlete does this  using hypnosis at bedtime and in the morning and a few hours before any practice or competition "magic" will happen.