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How To Be Fearless By

    Using Your Creative Power To
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                                Peter C. Siegel, R.H.
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    When do you think about the future -- your future?  Is it only occasionally because you're too caught up with living day to day, only briefly wondering what will happen next?  Do you often feel like you have no control over your circumstances, or the way events in your daily life unfold, so you only focus upon the present, even the hour at hand?  What prevents you from taking positive action toward reaching the levels of accomplishment and satisfaction you know you want?
    If the now of your life seems overly demanding and complicated, chances are you, like many people, have unsettling doubts regarding what the future holds.  It's this notion of uncertainty - this assumption of continued problems and difficulties - that keeps you from taking decisive measures to improve yourself and your situation.  The key to breaking these mental chains is embracing a new, richly empowering possibility of the future, rather than mindlessly fear the unknown.
    Do you find that there's a life compromising uncertainty when you consider what lies ahead of you?  Focus for a moment upon what you may fear about the future.  And as you do, notice the images in your mind, the sensations in your body - and where you notice you feel this fear notion within you (i.e., jaw, chest, stomach, etc.).
    Yes, just take a moment to become aware of what goes on inside you when you consider this fear you have regarding the future.
    Excellent.  Now, take a deep breath.  And as you exhale, go ahead and think about now
-- right now.
    Feel your feet upon the ground, the back of your thighs resting upon the chair or sofa you're seated upon; let the movies and conversations you'd normally allow to go on internally subside, and:
    •    See what's in front of you...now
    •    Hear what's going on right now
    •    Feel what's going on right now
    •    Attune all of you to the right now of your life...
    And as you've brought all of you into the immediate present, compare what you feel to your "When I think about the future" feeling.
    Big difference, isn't it?  And as you remain connected with the right now of your life, are you fearful or nervous?  Or, do you notice you begin to experience these anxious feelings only when you again begin to consider the future?
    In the right now, you probably notice you feel ok, in control, a relative safety and security, and a natural capacity to live your life, and meet your needs.  In your right now, you likely feel settled and calm, physically and emotionally.
    Now, read and absorb the following carefully.  Fear doesn't exist in the right now, it exists within your concept of the future.  The future isn't here right now, it's a context shaped and defined by your thinking.  Literally, the future doesn't exist (in the right now) except as a function of your thinking; the only thing you truly have, and are, is the right now of your life.
    Right now is where you're at.  Right now is who you are.  Right now is what is happening to you.  Right now is - through applying the upcoming strategy - your opportunity to begin using your imagination resourcefully, so you can continue feeling what you do in the right now (and empower yourself through detailing a new, and positive composite of the future — your future).
    Literally, the only thing you have is right now.  And the only place you are is right now.  And your right now is the springboard from which you can redesign your perception of the future—in the light of ability you actually possess, and from the standpoint of opportunity available to you -- and what you want (not what you "don't" want).
    The future (your future), is a function of mental context, the imagery that unfolds from what you choose to believe.  But why do you project the kind of future related notions and images you do?  Is it habit?  Is it media influenced (since 9/11)?  Is it a function of unquestioned assumption to where you really never thought about why you think and image the way you do?
    Call to mind, for a moment, your understanding of self fulfilling prophecy, and how what you unconsciously think, image, and assume acts as a creative catalyst serving to materialize their physical equivalents.  What goes on mentally and emotionally within you will eventually externalize.  Indeed, that's what tends to happen with most things in your life you continue to embrace, reinforce, and keep energized.
    However, with most fear based ideas, especially those you've blown out of proportion (in relation to its actual possibility, and/or probability), they do not tend to materialize.  All you do here is stress and exhaust yourself from projecting fear based and catastrophe assumptive notions.
    So what future related prophecy are you trying to fulfill?  Why do you think about the future the way you currently do?  How much do you really believe that the fear factor connected to your future considerations will actually come upon you?
    Remember, you literally only have the now of your life.  You are in the right now.  Right now you don't fear.  Fear exists in the future.  Your perception of the future results from the context of your thoughts and images.
    Hmmm.  And as you continue to mull over the preceding, know that through embracing new, positive future related ideas, those that will serve to empower and cause good feelings within you, you can decidedly change your outlook, your perception, and your emotions.
    It's wholly a matter of choice, and beginning to paint a new, enriching impression of the future in your mind.
    Here's an easy yet powerful strategy I teach clients to help them neutralize "fear" of the future, through replacing it with inspiring, empowering contexts of their future.
    Read through it, then apply it exactly as outlined.  Then you'll come to intimately know and feel what is meant by the euphemism "The future is of your own making"!

    Neutralizing "Fear" Of The Future Through New Future Contexts
1.)    Seated or lying comfortably upon your back, let your eyelids close down, and take 3 easy, d-e-e-p breaths -- inhaling through your nostrils, and slowly exhaling through your mouth.
2.)    After you've exhaled the third breath, remind yourself: "Fear is not here, it's in the future.  The future is not here -- the right now is here.  And I'm stable, at ease, and wholly functional in the right now!
        "My concept of the future influences and stimulates my feelings regarding the future; I can choose to think differently, and use my imagination more resourcefully regarding my future...and I now do!"

3.)    Next, think about what you know you're capable of -- truly capable of.  For example: strengths, abilities, capabilities for effectiveness, excellence and success in relation to meeting your needs, handling tasks and responsibilities, remaining consistently productive and efficient, etc.
4.)    Having #3 set in mind, consider, and mentally/emotionally play out the following imaginative scenario: "If you had the ability to create the future - your future - what would it:
    •    Look like
    •    What would you be doing
    •    What would you be feeling
    •    What would you have
    •    How would you see yourself
    •    How would your emotional and interpersonal life be reflected
        (and what specifically would it be filled with)
5.)    As you're mentally playing out #4, imaginatively step into scenario, and wholly perceptually connect with, and live it.  Yes -- totally be, and live it; see what you see, feel what you feel, do what you do — experience all of what your mental representation of this future context entails.
6.)    After you've played this positive, resourceful future context through in its entirety, give it a representational overview key word.  This is a word which, to you, embodies and characterizes this future for you (for example, Thrilling, Satisfying, Positive, Impending, etc.)
7.)    Next, savoring the good and enriching feelings you experience having projected and united with your positive future consideration, mentally repeat your key word 5 consecutive times - slowly and with a sense of decisiveness - as if you're directly branding this word upon your positive future consideration, each time you mentally repeat it.
8.)    Inhale another d-e-e-p breath, and say to yourself: "I'm in charge of my thinking.  And I can choose to perceive and reinforce my future differently now...in light of what I accept and believe...
        I understand that my future becomes what I believe.  And I now choose to wholly believe in the good awaiting me -- yes, as my possibility, indeed, as my compelling right!"
9.)    Next, easily let your eyelids open, inhale deeply, fill up your lungs completely...and

    This step 1-9 "new future" process should take 8-11 minutes to perform.  I suggest you use it in the following ways:
A.)    AM -- to begin your day.
B.)    PM -- before getting into bed to sleep to finish your day.

C.)    As a fear of the future diffusing antidote.  Here, if ever/when ever you may notice you're considering the future in your "old" way and beginning to feel anxious, inhale deeply, and as you exhale slowly, mentally (with your eyes open) exclaim your key word 3 times consecutively.  And exclaim it passionately, with strong feeling and emphasis.  This will call to mind your positive future context, and will serve to shift your thoughts, images, presumptions, and feelings from fear driven, to empowering/inspiration influenced.

    Remember, how you think about the future - your future - is your choice.  What you've heretofore "painted" as either threatening or discouraging, you can now re-paint as enticing and enriching.
    You have the power to determine the makeup of your mentality, and as such, your feelings connected to any aspect of your life.  I've given you a very powerful strategy enabling you to begin making your future bright.  Use it, and you'll find that the fear due to your "old" ways will dissolve, and joy and enthusiasm will flourish!

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