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BASKET BALLS WINNING EDGE! Who Else Wants An Amazing Team Bonding & Mental Game Strengthening Training Activity For Their Basketball Team? Plus your players will learn how to get mentally tough, master the Mental Game of Basketball and Gain a Competitive Advantage.

Basketball Coaches and Players
What Part Of Your Athletic Self Do You Bring Onto The Basketball Court?
part of you?
Or the timid, tired, nervous, uncertain, unfocused, easily distracted, over thinking, negative, wimpy thinking
side of you?
The secret to playing LEGENDARY basketball is within training your subconscious mind
If you've got 90 minutes to have me speak to your team, I will show them / you how to tap into the "hidden untapped power" deep within their subconscious mind so that you can play at your FULL POTENTIAL!

The video above primarily discussed football and baseball. This is because the video editor left those  sports out by mistake. So I'm currently  editing a new video showing me using  "sports hypnosis / mental game training"  with an NBA basketball player, and a college and high school basketball player. Meanwhile the video above should give you an idea of what I can do for you and your team.

You will  learn the same incredible results producing techniques that  scores of basketball players have used to transform themselves from unknowns to starters, competitive standouts  and  ALL-STAR basketball players.
When you bring me to your training facility to work with your team. For 90 minutes I will do a 100% hands on action packed demonstration and group hypnosis mental game training so that players have "tools" to work with immediately.

Dear Coach or Basketball Player,

It's really quite simple: If you want to be a basketball player that consistently shatters basketball records,
makes your teammates play better together and leaves your competitors in the dust... YOU need to practice a part of basketball that most basketball players never spend any time on.

What I'm talking about is the MENTAL GAME OF BASKETBALL!

You see, while most basketball players will spend countless hours on shooting, rebounding, ball handling, passing drills, offensive and defensive drills, going to basketball camp and working out in the gym. Almost NO ONE will spend any time or money on their MENTAL GAME TRAINING.

The reason that they don't is that  mental game training is not shown on television.  The mental game of basketball Is not sold in sporting goods stores, its not fun like playing basketball or just shooting hoops and most  basketball players don't  really understand it.

This is also why so many super tall and talented  basketball players play well at the high school and even at the college level and then collapse under pressure  in college or in the NBA.

Just ask any pro basketball player or coach and they will tell you.

and  ONLY  10% PHYSICAL!
I know that you might have a hard time understanding this because BASKETBALL IS PHYSICAL !!!
But if you ask any NBA prospect who got cut and They will admit, “There's a lot more pressure in the NBA. I wish I'd had a stronger mental game.”
That is why mental game training is such a well kept secret.

And Once You Learn These Unusual Little Known Secrets You Will
Have The Magic Ingredient That Results In
  Great Basketball Playing.

Jordan worked on his"mental game"  LeBron, Kolby both train their mental game.

So why don't all the other basketball players?
This is your shot!

You too can learn the same incredible results producing techniques that  scores of basketball players have used to transform themselves from unknowns to starters, competitive standouts  and  ALL-STAR basketball players.

These mental toughness techniques create amazing breakthroughs almost immediately. They help generate super levels of  confidence, focus, competitive intensity, action power, drive to triumph, measurably increased speed and power.
Easy To Learn

There have been times when you have played "in the zone" and "magic happened"  and times when you just hoped that " the zone" showed up.

What I do is show you how to "MAKE THE ZONE HAPPEN ON COMMAND!"

Let's face it,
Staying focused, relaxed, feeling dominant thoughts of confidence,  being aggressive and playing  basketball IN THE MOMENT is hard. Noise from the crowd, chanting, booing, other players, opponents, thoughts and fears of making a mistake, failure, embarrassment, losing, coaches, money worries,  plus stress,  family, work, school.  Negative thoughts about past mistakes, the court conditions... it goes on and on. All this leads to frustration, poor shots, bad passes, poor dribbling, and overall poor performance. Yet your ability to remain FOCUSED and  to be totally CONFIDENT, mentally tough and to trust yourself is critical if you want to play basketball like a champion.

When you bring me to your training facility to work with your team. For 90 minutes I will do a 100% hands on action packed demonstration and group hypnosis mental game training so that players have "tools" to work with immediately.

Here are a few important basketball questions

How many times during practice or a basketball game have you felt or known that there was more within you then you were able to show on the court?

Have you ever wondered why the potential for greatness just stayed within you un-expressed?

Did you ever  wonder how you can tap into your hidden potential so that you could  “BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE” and play as the MAXIMUM YOU during competition?

The answer has been a secret. Yet its simple, EASY TO USE and you are about to learn it

Mastering the Mental Game of Basketball IS the Best Kept Secret of Pro NBA Basketball Players.

It is the difference between All-Star / Basketball Players and  everyone else. This is why top basketball players pay thousands of dollars to work with sports hypnotherapists  in-order to master these mental game techniques.They know that the real leverage in basketball comes from mastering the mental game, not just the physical game.

The mental game of basketball is critical because

All basketball players who perform poorly
will all talk about  how  they had trouble focusing and that everything distracted them and that even though they knew that they should play basketball “IN THE MOMENT"  they  just could not  play that way because their mind would get  caught up on  something  and that negative, wimpy unsupportive thoughts would  creep into their head and cause them to make stupid mistakes and how they would get frustrated  or intimidated or  get into a long slump that they could not  get out of, no matter what they did.

That's why

No matter how much  you practice any of your drills and your shooting, rebounding, dribbling, passing, shooting  jump shots, free throws, lay ups, offensive and defensive drills... no matter how much money you spend on  training... no matter how strong you are or what  vitamins  that you take

success in basketball is  90% mental!

But still most of the  struggling or average  basketball players spend  100% of their time effort and money  working on  physical practice. Again  this is why  guys  get themselves into college or on an NBA team  and  then they collapse under pressure fall into a slump and get benched, traded or worse.

They have a decent physical game
but  they have NO mental game.

Remember, your mind controls your body.

That's why having massive levels of CONFIDENCE  In Basketball 

Working on basketballs "mental game" will make a GIANT difference in how you play BASKETBALL!
YOU will tap into that hidden RAW POWER that is within your brain that  helps make basketball players great  play at 110% at all times!

With these secret mental game tricks, Basketball Players Get New Personal Bests, Shoot With More Accuracy, Rebound, Pass, Dribble,  Play More Aggressively, Dominate Their Competition, Make Their Teammates Jealous  AND Most Importantly Help YOUR TEAM TO WIN!
Basketball Player Lebron James
Discusses The Mental Game of Basketball

"The Mental Side of The Game is way over 50%.
It's probably 80%

Your success in the game is MENTAL!
You can't lose focus even one second."
Lebron James, NBA Basketball Player, Cavaliers

What You Are About To Discover Is
The Breakthrough Cutting Edge Mental Conditioning Mental Toughness Program That Makes
Basketball Players Go From Ordinary To Extraordinary And Gives You The Winning Advantage
That Creates Champions And Wins Games!  

The mental game of basketball is critical because

1) Your mind controls your body.
2) When two players with similar physical skills compete against each other it is the one with the stronger mental game that will prevail.


Here’s what this amazing basketball program will do for you starting the very next time that you play basketball. From the moment that you arrive at the court.

Using a secret “trigger word” that we install using hypnosis, you will instantly be able to "get into the zone" and stay there!

You’ll play  basketball with TOTAL CONFIDENCE!
You will play AGGRESSIVELY!
You will always maintain your  focus and concentration!

You’ll automatically have total focus on the game!

You will always remain calm and confident under pressure!

You will eliminate negative thoughts, fears and all self limiting beliefs and mental garbage that has been holding you back.

You will be mentally relaxed, feeling only dominant  thoughts and you will block out all distracting  sites, thoughts, feelings, sounds of chanting and booing and all other distractions.

You will eliminate tension, fear, negative thinking and distractions that cause mistakes and bad shots

You will feel total confidence flowing through your veins!

You will  be totally CONFIDENT in all of your  decisions and
you will see yourself as the dominant player.

Your running speed will increase and you will make great decisions.

You will  pass, shoot, dribble,catch and handle the ball with amazing speed and accuracy.
No matter what  position you play you will remain alert, confident in your  ability and your playing decisions.

You will immediately mentally let go of any mistakes and  your mind will stay positive!

You will have an automatic trust in yourself and your abilities as a basketball player!

You will always be mentally and physically ready!

Never the partial you, never the wimpy unproductive you. Always the MAXIMUM YOU!

These hypnotic suggestions will train your mind to automatically cause you to play basketball at your best each and every time that you set foot on the court.

Your mental game will significantly improve and as a result you will  take your physical game to the next level almost overnight.

How to Instantly feed “Pro Level” Thinking,  Confidence, Power, Speed and Accuracy Into Your Basketball Game”
Quick Start System
This Quick Start System Gives You  Everything That You Need To Work On Your Mental Game and To Bring Out The  Very Best In Yourself and Play Winning Basketball

Considering how much  that you love playing basketball and how much money that you spend for basketball in time, money, blood sweat and tears, the cost of this could be a smart investment in reducing the last three.  If you want to achieve your true basketball potential  and consistently  play basketball at a level that you have only fantasized about then you really owe it to yourself to work on your mental game.

My program will help you with that starting immediately

Chris Cady
Master Hypnotist

Basketball players and coaches.   Learn my secret mental game training: Jordan works on his mental game, Kobe Bryant works on his mental game, So does Lebron James... what they do goes way beyond visualization. And what you will learn from me does too.
These amazing mental game training secrets have also worked for several of our famous NBA Basketball Players.& Top ranked college basketball and high school players

You Will Play Basketball













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